Frequently Asked Questions

New to eLaundry

We cover all major localities in Mumbai and Thane. To specifically check if we serve in your locality, go to the home screen/homepage and type-in your pin code and check the availability.

You can book a service with us through eLaundry app or over the phone and select a convenient date, time-slot and the category of service you would prefer. eLaundry will make sure to pick in the selected time-slot, process your clothes and return them within 48-72 hours of the pickup. For any further clarifications, please write to or you can call us on +91- 9137 466 208

Essentially there are 2 ways:-
1. You can check the price list on website, just by entering the pin code.
2. You can also check prices on eLaundry app. You can download the eLaundry app on Google Play Store.

eLaundry is your one point solution for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs. Our services include Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Sarees Dry Cleaning, Bridal Lehenga / Dresses Dry Cleaning, Toy Laundry, Shoe Laundry, Sofa Cleaning, Matteresses Deep Cleaning, Bags Cleaning, Leather products and Carpet Cleaning. The services offered vary based on your locality. To check the services offered in your locality, go to the home screen/homepage and select your locality by providing the pin code.

Sure. Simply book by clicking on any category. You can give different category clothes to the pickup boy. He would pack them in different bags and we would cart and process them accordingly. If you want to give any specific instruction, you can inform it to the pickup boy at the time of pickup.

We use the best laundry detergents recommended by laundry experts to wash your clothes, rinse them with fabric softeners and dry them under low temperature in dryers or under the shades, depending on the climate as well as type of fabrics to keep up the brightness and to keep your clothes smiling as new.

Dry wash is done in special “Dry Clean” machines wherein clothes are put with PERC solvent under 30°C.A typical wash cycle lasts for 10–15 minutes depending on the type of garments and degree of soiling.

Clothes are checked for foreign objects like plastic buttons, chains or other detachable objects etc as solvent may react with these items. If found, such garments are given hand-dry wash.

We steam iron all your clothes such that you get wrinkle free and crisp clothes. Though sometimes depending on fabric we have to take extra care for each fabric and process them individually.

Yes. You can call us on 91-9137 466 208 for enquiries.

You can write to us at and we would revert back within 24 hours. Alternatively you can reach us over call at +91- 9137 466 208.

We are operational from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.
Our customer support lines are open from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

My Profile and Account

You can open the eLaundry app, click on signup. On the signup screen, enter your Name, Mobile No., mail id and address or else you can sign up using your social media accounts. The referral code field is optional, you can earn discounts by using a referral code. While placing the order you need to enter your address if you have signed up using social media.

Each account is identified by the mobile number. All information related to your bookings (new & old), addresses and other preferences, is associated with your mobile number. If you wish to change your mobile number for the same account,please contact us at . However, you can update your Name, Address and Email ID at any time. Go to Menu, click on Profile. Under ‘Profile', you can change the information.

It’s quite simple! Upon reinstalling the app, you simply need to login using the same mobile number and the app will fetch your complete data including past bookings and addresses.

Sure. Simply download the app on the new handset and login with your existing mobile no. However please note that referral code can be used only once with one mobile number.

Simply go to 'My Profile' on your eLaundry app, select the option to clear your information on the top right once there, which will also log you out.
(This may not be functional in some locations).

Referral and Discounts

Every mobile no gets a unique referral code, which you can share with your family and friends in the ‘Refer’ tab in the app. And as soon as friend successfully completes his first order you get the referral amount / code in your account. And you can use it for next transactions. For any further clarifications write to us on

There could be different reasons for that,

  1. Your friend has not completed any booking.
  2. Your friend did not enter the referral code while registering for the first time.
  3. Your friend reinstalled the app using the referral link.Note that referral code can only be used upon signing-up for the first time.
We continuously test our systems to ensure it is error-free.

If you are using latest version of our app then before confirmation of order you need to enter the code to claim your discount.

Well, that’s just not possible. Only one promotional offer is valid per booking.

In ideal situations you should get it within 24 hrs, sometimes it may get delayed due to your network problems. If problem still persists you can write to us on

Only one discount code or coupon can be applied per booking. And if in case the discount amount is not reflected check in your app in the Discount Code section. If problem still persists you can write to us on

Booking related queries

We are glad to see that you want to try eLaundry service!

Booking with us is really easy and just a few taps away:
- Make sure that you have signed-up using your mobile number or any of the social media tabs available on the app.
- On landing on the 'Confirm Booking' screen, fill up your address, pickup date & time, mode of payment and click 'Continue'
- Apply coupon codes, if any, and click 'CONFIRM'

Thank you ! We will take it from here. Expect our pickup boy in the selected time slot.

We try to deliver the order within 72 hours of pickup and in most localities, we are able to deliver within 48- 72 hours. In case of any delays, we would keep you informed.

Yes there is a minimum billing amount. It is mentioned on the booking screen.
Please note that it is region specific, hence the minimum billing amount may vary depending on the locality that the order has been placed from.

Glad to see that you are interested in eLaundry services! We are yet to start serving your locality. But we are expanding fast and shall let you know as soon as we are live in your area. Still if you are keen on using eLaundry services you can call on +91- 9137 466 208 to enquire if we can serve you or not.

Sometimes it may happen that we are overbooked and have stopped taking any further bookings for that slot in your locality. The app would show you the next available slot. Please choose that.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Go to the last screen in the booking flow. You would see ' Enter Promo / Discount Code'. You need to tap that and enter your coupon code and avail your discount.

Most likely the error would fall into the following categories -
- 'Invalid Coupon' - You are using either an expired coupon or the coupon is invalid on the requested date of the booking. Some of our coupons only work on first booking.
- 'Cannot use multiple coupons together' - You are only allowed to use one promotional offer per booking. For any other errors, contact us on

Make sure that pin code matches the locality mentioned in the address that you select. If you still face the error, contact us

Yes. We have express delivery service in some areas. You can call us on +91- 9137 466 208 to avail the service.

Few garments under the 'Dry Cleaning& Special Care' category like Suits, Blazers, Jackets, Sherwani etc. may be delivered on hangers. Rest of the clothes are folded well packed and delivered as good as new. We do not have on-demand hanger delivery services.

We are operational from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Pickup Queries

We are really sorry for the delay. In cases of any delay the pickup person will call you. If by any chance things do not happen as mentioned, you can contact or call us on +91- 9137 466 208

We would love to do that for you as well. However with our current resources, we are only able to pick your clothes up within a 2 hour time-slot. We apologise for the inconvenience. For any special request pls free to call on +91- 9137 466 208

We do not share your contact details with anyone. In case if required you can call us on +91- 9137 466 208 and we would be happy to help you. Also as and when required we will connect you to the pickup person.

This will not happen often. But in case it has happened, then we would have tried to reach you to confirm the same. If in case it was cancelled without informing you, we are sorry. We would request you to book the services again.

We certainly can as we believe in Customer Delight. Just make sure that the addresses are in nearby locality. We would request you to inform us in advance before your delivery has been scheduled. Please also inform us on and do refrain from informing only the pick-up boy.

Yes! Certainly we can. Kindly instruct the pickup boy over call. But in such cases we are not responsible for any theft or anything goes wrong.

Invoice related queries

When you create a booking applying coupon / code they do get reflected in your invoice as the discount amount. If you don't see it on the invoice, you might have not applied them on the current booking. Note that Cashback coupons don't give instant discounts – cashbacks are added in wallet after completion of the service. (In some areas we may or may not have the cashback systems)

The invoice is generated after we cart your clothes into our system and sent to your registered email address. This might take upto 15 hours after pickup. So be patient! You email client might be putting emails from eLaundry into your spam folder. Kindly check there too.

Still not found your invoice? Contact us at and we would send you one !

Every piece of cloth pass through a quality inspection before we process them. If the Quality Manager feels that processing your garment might further damage the garment in any way, it would be returned un-processed to you. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

The proceesing team tries its best to cart the garments under apt categories. At the same time, we also understand that carting of some garments might be questionable. There might be some instance of carting in wrong category such as carting dhoti as saree.

Don't worry! We will reconsider. Simply send your query at

We follow a multi-check system to avoid such cases. Soon after the pick-up, we send a notification/SMS informing you about the number of clothes picked up in each category as laundry and dry cleaning. (In some areas the service may not be available)

In case there is a mismatch, kindly raise it to us immediately at

Payment queries

The payment options open once the invoice for the order is generated. There are 3 options currently available – Cash on Delivery, Online through Cards / Net Banking and Wallets. (In some areas we may have only COD payment options).

Once you confirm the order, you can choose the payment options as per your convenience. Online payment options or the Wallets are the most convenient and hassle free ways of payments. (In some areas we may have only COD payment options).

We would request you to try a different bank or a different method of banking (Debit Card /Credit Card / Net Banking). You could also use wallet services like to pay for the service.

We are confident that the above options would successfully enable you to make the payment for the service. In the unfortunate scenario where any of the listed methods do not work, kindly opt for 'Cash on Delivery'. Please write to us at to change the mode of payment.

All major cards are supported on our platforms.

Our systems and our partners are fool-proof. Be rest assured that we would be able to locate your money. However, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. If money has been deducted from your account but not updated on our app, kindly raise this to our support team at

Request you to immediately raise it to us at and we would refund your money into your bank/wallet.

Sorry, such an option is not available. Online payment must be done before the scheduling of the delivery. You can only pay in cash at the time of delivery. To avoid it, you can pre-select your payment option as online and we will hold your delivery until your payment is made.

Delivery Queries

We process and deliver your clothes back to you within 72 hours of pickup. In case if you have not received any call about the delay you can call us on +91- 9137 466 208 or write to us on

Yes, you do have the option to select a convenient time slot for delivery. While booking the order you can select the delivery slot. You can also reschedule your delivery once with paying extra Rs 50 per delivery. You need to call +91- 9137 466 208 to reschedule.

Sincere apologies for the delay! At times we face certain logistical or operational challenges that cause delays. We are working on getting your delivery back to you as soon as possible. Do get in touch on +91- 9137 466 208 or if you require further assistance.

We are really sorry about that! Do get in touch on +91- 9137 466 208 or would help you out ASAP.

Sorry that some of your clothes had to be returned unprocessed. We do this for different reasons, mainly to protect your garment from any damage due to processing.

The reasons would be mentioned on a special tag that we attach to your unprocessed clothes. You can also ask the pick-up guy he can help you out. Or get in touch on +91- 9137 466 208 or .

It could be due to couple of reasons, such as:
- We might have attempted delivery on time but you were unavailable/unreachable
- We might be facing logistic issues.
You can get in touch on +91- 9137 466 208 or write to us on


We do our best to remove the stains on your favourite piece of clothes . Generally, it is not possible to know how well the stain has set into the fabric. Additionally, we take utmost care not to over-process your garments, as that might damage the fabric. Keeping all these factors in mind, we are unable to provide stain removal guarantee for existing stains. If still not satisfied you can forward the images of garment at with your order details within 48 hrs. of delivery and we will get back to you after referring to our in-house quality team.

We would request you to send the images focusing on the affected area. Please send us multiple images with an image of the garment with our booking tags in view as well to & we will get back to you within 24 hrs.

We would love to learn what went wrong and work on your feedback. Please leave your feedback on!

All garments are steam ironed and most customers praise our ironing. If you are not satisfied, kindly drop us images of the garments to Do send us multiple images, few focusing on the eLaundry tag and others focusing on the affected area. We promise to provide quick resolution!

Not Much!!. If our Quality Manager discovers that it would not be sensible to wash a certain garment / fabric, we will contact you and agree on how to continue.

Some dark coloured clothes have this tendency to bleed out color and white garments are most susceptible to adhering to this bled color. So we suggest not to give expensive white clothes in the lot for laundry. Dry cleaning expensive clothes is always a better and safe option.